International Conference Engineering & Telecommunication - En&T 2015

4th International Conference
Engineering & Telecommunication - En&T 2017

Moscow, November 29-30, 2017

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia), Tsinghua University, Beijing (China), Montenegro University (UCG) and PhysTech Union (Russia) hold the IV International Conference «Engineering and Telecommunication – En&T-2017».

Dates: November 29-30, 2017.
Venue: MIPT, Moscow/Dolgoprudnyi/TechnoPark.

En&T-2017 Conference is oriented on the problems regarding recent innovative achievements in Telecommunication, Information and Computing Technologies, in Radar and Radio-communication System Development. Conference is supported by IEEE.

Chairman of the Program Committee: Prof. Alexander Dvorkovich, MIPT, Russia
Head of Organizing Committee: Prof. Sergey Garichev, MIPT, Russia

Conference Program includes 3 following Sections:

  1. Telecommunication and Information Technology
    Chairman: Prof. Dr. Radovan Stojanovic, Montenegro
    • Prof. A.V. Dvorkovich, Russia
    • Prof. Lech Jozwiak, Netherlands
    • Dr. A.I. Maslennikov, Russia
    High Performance Telecommunication Network Technologies. Wireless networks and Technologies. Multimedia Services and Technologies for the transmission of multimedia information. Software-defined Networks and Network Functions Virtualization. Information security and Network coding. Advanced Multimedia and Telecommunication services in Education.
  2. Radar and Radiocommunication Systems
    Chairman: Prof. Eli Brookner, USA
    • Prof. S.P. Skobelev, Russia
    • Dr. S.A. Topchiev, Russia
    • Dr. A.V. Shishlov, Russia
    Radar and radiocommunication systems and equipment. Software and algorithmic support of real-time radiocommunication systems. Active phased array antennas. The APAA modules. Digital space-time signal processing. Devices for the formation and amplification of signals. Radio-photon devices. Electrodynamics of microwave devices and radiating antenna structures. Nanomaterials in Radio engineering.
  3. Computing Technology and System
    Chairman: Prof. L. Rutkowski, Full Member PAS, Poland
    • Prof., A.Yu. Drozdov, Russia
    • Prof. A. Tchernykh, Mexico
    • Prof. Yu. Feldman, Israel
    Parallel and Distributed Computing. Architecture of Supercomputers and specialized Computer Systems. Cloud Computing Technology, Virtual Computing Environments. Technologies for development of applied programs. Visual programming. Neural networks and Neurocomputers. Application of Computer systems and networks in Industry and Government Control. Digital Production Technology. Internet of Things, Smart City, Intelligent Transport System. Decision Support Systems. Application of Computing Technologies for Biomedical Problems. Processing, Analysis and Storage of biomedical information. Devices for medical diagnostics, based on new physical principles.

Working Languages: English and Russian.

The following well known specialists will make the key reports: Prof. A.P. Kuleshov, Full Member RAS (Russia, Rector, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology), Prof. Costas Stasopulos (Cyprus, President of IEEE region VIII), Prof. Leszek Rutkowski, Full Member PAN (Poland, Czestochowa University), Prof. Yuri Feldman (Israel, Hebrew University), Dr. N.E. Nenartovich, General Designer RSC «ALMAZ» (Russia).

Conference Publications:

  1. Paper in Conference Proceedings published under IEEE Computer Society
    • Publication terms: approval by Expert Commission.
    • Deadline: October 1, 2017.
  2. Book of Abstracts
    • Publication terms: compliance with Abstract submission requirements regarding text design and positive decision by Expert Commission.
    • Deadline: October 15, 2017.

En&T-2017 results

  • Attendees: 379
  • Publications: 131

Plenary sessions video

Round-table «Breakthrough Technologies in Aerospace, ground based and sea based Electronically Scanned Radio Systems»


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Conference is supported by organizations cooperating with MIPT in education, including the following: