Round Table

Round Table topic: «Development of satellite communication systems»

Moderator: Dmitry Filonov, PhD, Head of Laboratory, Associate Professor, MIPT, Russia

The main trends in the field of satellite systems and technologies today are the deployment of multi–satellite groupings, including low-orbit ones, to provide broadband access and IoT services, the organization of direct subscriber access (personal device) via spacecraft to connected services, increasing the total satellite throughput capacity from 4 Tbit/s to 50 Tbit/s to in 2026, the development of flat antenna systems for users.

Round Table purpose: formation of proposals for the development of satellite communication systems, development of domestic technologies and equipment, identification of promising services.

Discussion points:
1. Prospects for the deployment of domestic satellite systems.
2. Multiservice platforms for satellite communication systems.
3. Approaches to the construction of satellite communications network management.
4. Development of antenna systems for satellite communication terminatives (metamaterials and metasurfaces).
5. Domestic ECB for satellite communication equipment.
6. Services based on satellite communication systems.

The round table discussion will be attended by representatives of the organizations "Roscosmos", "VISAT-TEL", FSUE Space Communications, FSUE Research Institute of Radio, JSC "RESHETNEV"

Language: Russian