Round table  speakers

Exploring the Potential of Blockchains with BoCA A Blockchain-of-Custody Application for Data Preservation

Dr. Thomas Martin is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK). He is a member of the Centre for Advanced Computational Science (CfACS) and contributes to the Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry project. He teaches on various Security and Forensics subjects. He has supervised several PhD students and published numerous papers. His research interests cover topics such as Applications of Blockchain Technology, Cryptocurrencies, and Digital Forensics. 

Blockchains gained their popularity through their use in cryptocurrencies, but this feature is just one use of their primary function. A Blockchain is a distributed, verifiable, and immutable ledger. This inherent mechanism for preserving data has seen its uses in multiple applications. In this talk, we will discussion some of their strengths as well as some untapped potentials. We will also introduce our new BoCA The Blockchain-of-Custody Application.